About Us

PT Alamboga is an Indonesian family owned and operated company which seeks to serve the Indonesian and expat market with the best national and international products possible.

PT Alamboga Internusa was established in Bali in 1990, becoming one of the first companies to import food from Australia and New Zealand directly into Bali, avoiding the Jakarta-Bali land connection previously used. The company started out small as the hotel-restaurant industry was also small. But this allowed Alamboga to grow in a well managed way into the tightly run organization of 60 some personnel it is now. Presently we have offices in both Bali and Jakarta.

In response to a great many customer requests, in 1999 we established our retail outlet, DIJON Food Specialties and were the first to offer quality imported foods in small quantities to Bali residents. Over the last few years we have added many new items, making a variety of our own products and maintaining a unique spot in the hearts of Bali expats. In 2001, as an adjunct to the shop, we added the DIJON CAFE which has been recently renovated and enlarged. The shop is open daily, 9.00 am -9.00 pm seven days a week. The cafe opens at 9.00 am and dinners are now being served until 10.00 pm.

In Alamboga - main facility, aside from our warehousing facility we have a Commercial kitchen, tasting room and Fish production area. Our capabilities include portion control, pre-made soups and stocks etc.

Commercial presence